Monday, May 3, 2010

Running.. Finally

I saw a commercial the other day from Dick's, which said that May was "National Runner's Month". I said to myself, well, that's as good of a reason as any to get back into the swing of it.

So, late Saturday morning, I turned to Mrs. Raul and said "I'm going to go for a run.". She gave me a quizzical/surprised/amused look and said "Oh, OK". So, I got all ready, and out I went.

I got on my way and started trying to remember the last time I actually did run. I did pretty good after mini-Raul was born. Of course, I wasn't working at the time, and freeing up 50 hours a week really opens up the schedule. Once I got back to work, things started to go downhill. So, I was able to convincingly say that I haven't run in 6 months, if I was being honest with myself. I thought about adjusting that to say, 7 months, but, I didn't want to be TOO honest.

I guess part of why I didn't run was that I was just scared to. It had been so long. What would my fitness be like? What was going to hurt? Would I tire out after a half a block? Sure, there was the scheduling issue, just trying to get that run in. With the days being longer now, that's not as big of a problem. The weather issue is a lot better now, I can't complain about it being too cold. It got the point that it was just *me* holding myself back.

So, I did a little short of 2 miles. Threw in some walk breaks to go Galloway-style, but I got it done. All in all, I was really frickin' happy. I had a good amount of muscle fatigue, but that was my main problem. I truthfully did far better than I ever imagined I would.

The next goal... doing it again. And not 6 months from now.

Keep on rockin'.