Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a week

What a week it was.  It was illness central here at casa Raul.  Mini Raul got the worst deal of it all.. He was sick last Saturday, and we figured he had picked up a cold after his double ear & sinus infection passed.   Fast forward to Sunday night... The poor kid was puking every half an hour.  He woke up at 11pm, surrounded by vomit and saying "Something happened?!".  Nothing tears at your heart quite like that.

It was a long night, that whole puking every half hour.   He's been prone for most of the week, too.. He's been back to the doctor, pronounced with stomach bug, more ear infections, and another sinus infection. (Perhaps the last one didn't go away).  Anyways, it was a long week.

Mrs. Raul got the next bit of the short end of the stick, picking up Mini Raul's stomach bug.

I lucked out, and came out of this (thus far) with a head cold. Whatever.  No big deal there.

Mini Raul finally showed some signs of life late this afternoon, so here's hoping we've turned the corner...

Last Sunday, I did another long run.. 7 miles. Tried out the plain strawberry Gu.  Not terrible.   I didn't run again until today, Saturday, where I did a 5 mile tempo run.. I mixed in a couple of the P90X DVDs and a couple of rest days.. It was an unplanned recovery week. lol

I did do some baking and cooking..

Those are Irish soda bread, followed by slow cooked minestone.  The soup was fantastic, and I plan to make it again.

When I heard Mrs. Raul was getting ill, I whipped up some bread:
This turned out better than my first batch, too!

Tonight, I took some of that bread and made some garlic bread:


So, other than that, the only noteworthy thing was this story..  I'm looking out the window the other morning, and I see this:

Not sure if you can read that, but it's a van that has "S.W.A.T." on the side.  That's something you don't see every day.   This is a picture I snapped after the action was over, the guys are piling back in.

Turns out, someone was busy selling some H, and the police caught wind of it.. Took down a small ring of people.  I'm thinking now, there's a vacuum and a need... perhaps a second career?

Ah well, keep on rockin, with or without your opium.


Carolina John said...

So you live near drug dealers. That should be motivation to run faster down that street.

Denise said...

sounds like germ central over there. maybe some of the H would help you all feel better. you know where you can find it...

MCM Mama said...

Sorry to hear everyone felt awful. Poor little guy!

Quite the neighborhood you've got there....

joyRuN said...

I hope everyone's recovered at your end, especially with the awesome cooking you've been doing.

Geez, you're making me hungry.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

There really is nothing more heart-rending and pathetic than a kid who is sick. Hope he's all better by now. Everyone else, too, of course, but only mini-Raul gets a by-name shoutout here from me. It's how I roll.

I hear heroin can do quite a bit to calm the stomach. Just sayin. Not for Mini R., of course. (For him I prescribe meth. Did I say "prescribe"? I meant "proscribe".)

Save the H for Mrs. Raul.

SWAT team near the hizzouse! My son would be going NUTS!

Can I just say, since you use word verification, that the new hoops blogger makes you jump thru to "Prove you're not a robot" suck ass. Fuck it, forget I asked permission because I'm gonna say it, permission or no. It makes commenting, even for us non-robots, a pain in the testes satchel. I'm no robot, but I can't make out those letters half the time! Yet it STILL doesn't prevent Carolina Cletus from leaving a comment! What good is it then?


Sorry. It's not just you - since blogger made this change, it's like that with EVERY blog that makes you pass a writing test to comment .

Bastards. Someone should send a SWAT team to where these blogger coders live ...

ADDED: Best part is, if you successfully type the correct letter in and opt to PREVIEW your comment (to check for mistakes), blogger makes you RETYPE A DIFFERENT SET OF LETTERS to post the comment.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Don't worry. I already gave Cletus what fer at his blog over that dropped "g" in Turing.