Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, I did it. Last night, I went out and did a 5K. I'm not in race shape, and it was obvious during my performance, but I'm really glad I did it. It was fun being around a pool of another 150 or so runners.

The course was generally flat.. some very small hills. It was at a local park, so there was no traffic to speak of.

I've started running totally by feel. I don't use my Garmin, I don't carry a watch of any sort.. Just go out and do what I need to do. I was curious how I would do racing, as I never did do a lot of racing.

The crowd was quite a mix. This was a run/walk 5K, so there were all kinds of people. They lined up based on where there was space in line. Not really the best plan, of course. The first quarter mile had a lot of weaving going on in order to not crash into people.

First mile, 9:28. OK.. Well, not what I used to be able to do a mile in, but not terrible, either. At this point I figured I was doing well, but maybe had gone out slightly fast.

Water station.. A friend of mine was volunteering at the race. Always fun to hear your name (plus get water!).

Turn around.. OK.. generally flat, with some uphills. Can. Do. This. Stop to walk, stretch out the knee and ITB a little bit.. carry on running.

Second mile, 19:21. Well, a bit slower, but not terribly off, pace-wise.

For the last quarter mile or so, I turned up the gas and ran faster.. I didn't want to snake out beating someone right in the last 5 seconds. I think I turned the gas up a bit too early, as I was ready to pass out a tenth of a mile away. :)

I saw the clock ticking up to 30 minutes.. 29:52, 29:53... Sprint.. must. get. under. 30.

Nope. 30:01. Ah well.

So, my pace slowed, but I stayed in the same ball park. Today, I have no additional pains from my body apart from the normal ones. One hamstring is tight, but nothing serious.. Should work out over the next couple of days.

Plus, I have a good baseline and will know how much I improve over time.

Two notable sights from the race:
- 2 people ran while pushing strollers. (One guy, one girl). I'm impressed. (The guy totally beat me, too)

- One guy was at the park, probably to work out.. his friends convinced him to run in the race, 2 minutes before it started. Yeah, he came in second.

I'm glad I did it. Just for something a little different.

Have a good long weekend, and keep on rockin'!

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Carolina John said...

That's cool man, good job! Still being able to turn in a 30 minute flat time after all that time off is something to be proud of. You'll get back to former pacing in no time.