Monday, September 12, 2011

A new direction

Well, it was a hell of a week here. Our area had record flooding, and shizz is totally messed up. We made it through fine, and are quite quite grateful. The fam made it through as well.. Just some friends that are under water, and certainly a lot of other people are as well. Our biggest problems were:
1) Boil water advisory. Inconvenient, but I am more than happy to live with that.
2) Mini-Raul has cabin fever. Inconvenient is putting it mildly.

So, to get caught up with where I am.. I ran the 5K Thursday a week ago, and promptly followed up with a run on Saturday. Awesome. Getting back into it!

I tweaked my back somehow while running, and later while I was screwing around with mini-Raul, I did a number on it even worse. I decided at that point that I really need to do some whole body conditioning. Rather than being a 200 pound weakling, I need to at least get some tone going, and some reasonable and appropriate strength in my core.

So, I couldn't run.. All of my routes were flooded, and it really wasn't safe to go in another direction. Swimming in the river water didn't seem like an appropriate way to start triathlon training.. What to do? What to do..

30 day shred. I'm on day 2. I must admit, it's a pretty decent workout. If this works, and I can keep up working out every day, I'll see what I can graduate on to next..

Keep on rockin..

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Carolina John said...

30 day shred will get the job done! So will p90x. You can't have too much core strength.

I might give p90x a shot sometime next year.