Monday, February 16, 2009

Sexy six pack roundup

Well, a month ago I signed up for the sexy six pack challenge. I started off with being able to do 80 situps in a row. I figured I would test the 200 sit-ups program.

Friday I finished up the program, completing 200 situps in a row.

As far as the program goes, it's hard. But, it works. It does get old doing situps over and over, however.

I feel that my abs are stronger. There's more muscle underneath my belly, without a doubt. That being said, this program is not going to really give me a sexy six pack, as it doesn't shred that extra little bit. I view it as a form of protection, I suppose. If people were to see my sexy six pack, they'd be all over me, I'm sure. This way, I can walk about, and no one gives me another look.

So, my review of the program is 2 thumbs up. Did exactly what I thought it would, make my abs stronger. If you're looking to get leaner in addition to having strong abs, this program is probably best done in conjunction with something else.


Denise said...

Cute review!! I'm trying this soon as I give up on the 100 push up challenge.

Shannon said...

Awesome job!

X-Country2 said...

Interesting recap of the program. I agree with you though. It's for the best to keep those puppies under wraps.

Cindy said...

haha! yes, keep just a bit of fat there to protect yourself :)

RunToFinish said...

Good's not what I want and now I know! I want sexiness..ok fine I need strength too, but seriously I want definition!

D10 said...

Nice job!! The review was great.