Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday.. fail.

Well, the ol' training schedule had me doing 6 miles on Wednesday. After getting out of work a couple of hours late, I trucked over to the gym.

I started out running, seemed OK. I made it through a mile and said "oh shit, this is going to be awful". I finished a second mile and decided to take a walk lap and have a drink.

The third mile was completed, and then I was done. My knee was really bothering me for some reason.

Blah. So this is the point that I look at the training schedule and decide if I should knock back from running 5 days a week to 4 + a day of cross training. Probably should do that. Usually, when Wednesday rolls around, it's amazing that I can run at all.. just kind of sore and such. I may do my hills/speed on Monday, XT on Tuesday, and mid distance run on Wednesday.

As far as me knee goes, it's still not quite right this morning.. I threw down some advil and started foam rolling it.. Here's hoping it's nothing too serious. Today is a rest day, and I'm considering taking tomorrow off as well, settling for one 5 miler this weekend, rather than 2. I'll see how it is tomorrow, and how my schedule is. Good thing today is a 'light' week.

It's supposed to warm up some, so maybe I'll be able to run outside.. I'm wondering if the steep bank of the indoor track is getting to my knee some. Yeah, a high of 40 for Saturday.. sweet!

On a bright note, I did listen to my first Runner's Loungecast during this run. It was quite funny. Full of sophomoric humor that really hit the spot. Hey, I'm easy to please.

Speaking of sophomoric humor, check this out. It's about a guy that drew a picture of *ahem* twigs & berries for his credit card signature. Made me laugh, and puts my silly scribbles or "X"s to shame. I really need to step it up next time I'm buying groceries.

Oh, by the way, I said you don't need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the RSS feed here. You technically don't, but you'll get updates a lot faster if you do, it turns out. For what it's worth.

Alright everyone.. keep on rockin!


Lacey Nicole said...

do you ice your knee? i'd say def add a cross-training day! hopefully that will add up to a noticeable diff to you :) and that guy and his signatures is def funny,... hehe.

tfh said...

Hope the knee is okay. I've found the 4 days a week of running works best for me. Keeps me fresher.

Denise said...

What's up with the knees? Mine have been killing me! I haven't run since the half on Sunday and they are still hurting. Even to's really starting to worry me. Hope yours start to feel better soon!

X-Country2 said...

Knees will screw you up for quite some time, so make sure you rest and ice for good and long.