Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night, I took a night off. No rolling, no stretching. Just a night off. Even better, it was really a night of self-pampering. After work, I went and met my steel-thumbed massage therapist, and had a very very relaxing hour on the table.

When I got home, I pulled this out of the fridge:

It's Stone Ruination IPA. Someone here at work (who has beer opinions that I trust) recommended this to me. He suggested pulling it out of the fridge for about an hour before drinking. (Failure to do so may leave you with more of a bitter taste than you expect)

My opinion of this was that... it's wonderful. It pours a nice gold color, with very fine carbonation bubbles. There is a moderate head when poured, but it goes away fairly quickly.

The smell is quite hoppy. Definitely hoppy. The taste has a decent amount of bitterness, as well. However, with the beer slightly warmer than fridge temperatures, you get some other tastes with it.. I'd like to say some pine taste in there. Other reviews mention some citrus taste in there. I didn't get those, but I'm still a bit congested from my cold last week.

Excellent beer (provided you like IPAs and hoppy beers).. it was $4.99 for a big bottle (~22oz).

Today, I got back to the foam rolling this morning, and plan to do more tonight.. whoo-boy!


Marcy said...

Am I the only peeps that doesn't like beer? Well, I'll drink it but it's not really my fav. Someone hand me a cocktail already :P

Lacey Nicole said...

sounds like a mental health night :) love those!

tfh said...

Sounds nice. A massage beats rolling and stretching any day, I think-- it's nice to benefit from being passive! That beer sounds like a pretty good deal-- like Marcy, I'm not a big fan, but if I can surprise my husband with a beer that he likes, it makes me feel halfway to being cool. ;)

Cindy said...

i'm with the ladies; the only beer i actually enjoy is guinness. baby steps, i guess. that's a cool name for a beer!

Denise said...

Oh, fun beer review!! Unfortunately I don't like hoppy beers. Feel free to review some browns and porters, though!

X-Country2 said...

I'm with Marcy. You all need some vodke in your life. No special fridge instructions or waiting necessary. Just pour and enjoy.

Shannon said...

Nice review only I don't drink beer.

Can you give a review of moonshine, Boones farm, etc.? LOL

Sun Runner said...

Stone's Arrogant Bastard is also very worth a try if you've never had it. And their Pale Ale and IPA are staples in my fridge.