Monday, March 23, 2009

Hooray Spring 6 Miler

On Saturday, I did my entry for the Hooray Spring 6 Miler. RunningLaur was kind enough to organize this race, and I'm glad. Without it, I probably wouldn't have tried.

So, my goal was to do 6 miles at an 8:40 pace.

I threw on the Garmin, and out I went..

Since I don't really run any races, you'll get a full race report here. It makes me feel like a real runner.

Mile 1: Thinking to myself, keep it nice and slow.. plenty of time.. Long race..

End result of mile 1- 7:09.

I think to myself... "Aw, shit." Yeah, there's no way I was maintaining that pace. So, I did the ol' classic race antics and went out too fast.

Mile 2: Thinking to myself.. slow down, mofo. Lot of race to go.

End result of mile 2- 7:58.

Ugh. Yeah, I really need to work on pacing. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Mile 3, I wound up with an 8:29. Pretty close to where I wanted to be. Around this time, I started thinking "Good Lord, people race 10Ks for fun? What the hell is wrong with them?"

I passed the 5K mark at 24:23, which put to rest my question of could I run a sub-25 5K. I wasn't at the puke threshold either, which indicates I can do better...

Mile 4 punched in at 8:26.. At a steady pace now.. My knee/ITB started tweaking a bit at this point.

I ran a little farther and had to stop at an intersection. (Stupid cars)

Yeah, that was it. I stopped, my ITB said "I'm not going again". End of race.

So, I get a big fat DNF on the 6 miler.

Final results: 4.08 in 32:44.

Thanks to RunningLaur for putting this together!


Melanie said...

great race report, but i'm so sorry about the ITB issues... major bummer. hang in there, and ice, stretch, roll, do whatever you can to get back to running :)

joyRuN said...

Oh no! Freakin' ITB!!

That's a damn good pace on your 4 miles though. I'd have been puking ALL over the place.

Denise said...

Stupid ITB!! It hates when you stop and then refuses to start again. I've been there. You still did great with the first 4 miles, though!

RunningLaur said...

Oh no, the ITB strikes again!
I can use your time for the 6k division if you want.

stretch stretch stretch!

X-Country2 said...

Not the ITB! Sounds like you were on pace for a great race.

aron said...

ahhh i hate the ITB!!!

that was an awesome 4 miles though!!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow. I puked just READING about that pace!

Nice race, brother!

You need to find you a route with no cars - or one where you don't need to cross in front of them, anyway.

Hope the old ITB gets better.

Anonymous said...

ITB is always giving someone trouble. Oh, and you are a real runner.

RunToFinish said...

I got a DNS if that makes it any better? :) we'll get through these stupid ITB issues!

Carly said...

Good luck with the ITB issues. That is one injury I pray I never get. I seem to get all the other ones. Great job on the race!

Cindy said...

crap- you were really flying though! foam roll the hell out of that itb.