Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday's run

Beautiful day on Saturday. It was cloudy, and slightly above 50 degrees. I strapped on my iPod and my phone, and headed on out the door.

I opted to take a countryside route. The interesting part about where I live is that about 5 miles from each other, you have two opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, you have lots of farms, hills, woods, all that. On the other end, you have the abandoned factories, warehouses, and the like. You'll get a few pics from the former today.

So, my goal was to do 8-10, depending on how my leg felt. I brought the iPod so that I'd have some distraction from myself, and not have to worry about every little thing ("Oh, did it just act up on that step?" and all that). I tried out my first taste of the 'Dump Runners Club' podcast, as well as being entertained by the crew of the Runner's Lounge podcast.

My pace was mighty slow, as I was playing it safe from the monster that is ITBS..

I ran part of a normal route, but decided to take a different side road, just to see what was out there.. It was the usual for that neck of the woods, but it was nice to see something slightly different.

Around mile 4, I started seeing these in the sandy shoulder of the road:

My phone doesn't take terribly good pictures, but it's a horseshoe print..

I saw those for the next mile, until I turned around.

Here's a couple of pics from nearby the turnaround point (hey, why not stop and stretch?)

So, I felt good at the halfway mark (I was not so subconsciously looking to go 10).

I turned around and headed back...

Around 6.5 miles, I was starting to get worried.. I had a little nagging feeling in the knee, but I was on some slight uphills. I stopped and stretched, and continued onward.

Around mile 7, I got chased by a few dogs while the owner stood by and scolded them (not moving, of course). So, I got a little speedwork in.

At mile 7.6 I knew I was pretty much done. It started to sprinkle, so I called my wife to come get me.

I managed to log about 7.8 miles. When I got out of the car, she did make some comment about it being a mercy pickup, and it wasn't all about the rain, was it?


So, to answer Friday's question to myself, Pocono is out. Not going to happen this year.

I sat on the couch pondering that and wondering if it could magically happen still. Sunday morning came, and my knee was all tender.. so, that finished answering that question. Yeah, it's not happening.

Today, it's not terrible.. not perfect, but I may be able to do some shorter runs later on this week. I'll cap myself out at 3 or 4 miles.

Soo.... now comes the evaluation.. first order of business is to heal up. Second order is to figure out what the hell I'm going to do this year. Possibly a fall marathon (Wineglass (10/4) and Steamtown (10/11) are pretty nearby.. ). Philly (11/22) and Harrisburg (11/8) aren't that much further.

So, if I can get healthy (and stay healthy), maybe I'll shoot for one of those.. In the meantime, I need to find some shorter races to keep my attention from wandering and give me something to work toward.

Welcome to Monday everyone. Keep on rockin' it.


Denise said...

I know someone who ran Wineglass last year...sounded fun. If there's wine tasting involved, it would be even better!

Shannon said...

Are you wearing a strap when you run?

I wear mine just right above the knee. Try this in combination with the foam roller.

tfh said...

Sorry about the knee. It never feels good to cut a run short. Nice photos!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Listening to your body and making the right decisions early is one of the toughest things about being a runner. I think you made the right call. I hope it heals up quickly.

Lacey Nicole said...

have you thought about getting some PT work in? i think if i had a nagging injury i would feel most productive+ healing if i was working with someone regularly- supervised and with direction + motivation :) i think sometimes insurance covers it. that's good you brought your phone- Be Careful!!!!!

X-Country2 said...

Listen to you body and don't push too hard. 7.8 is still pretty good. :o)

Marcy said...

Ohhh the Wineglass. I want to do it eventually (as I'm also not THAT far away)

Melanie said...

7.8 is still great, but sorry the knee is still giving you issues. Heal up, and you will be back out there to run one of those races. :)

Anonymous said...

Smart decision not to push things. I ignored some leg issues and paid for it. I finally feel good and although I want to go out there and run, I am going to hold back. Nice job on the 7.

joyRuN said...

You still got 7.8 done, which is great!

Darn it! I was planning on Richmond for my fall marathon, but it looks like all the cool kids might be at Philly!!

aron said...

smart decision to change your plans... you will get your big race, its just the start of the year, and it looks like you have a lot of great options too! hang in there and get the ITB better!!