Friday, April 24, 2009

Nice weather is here

I woke up today, it was 34 degrees. It's been dorking around the 30s and 40s most of the week.

The forecast for today: 73
Tomorrow: 84
Sunday: 79

Etc. I'm stoked.

Should be a surprise to the body while running, though. lol.

And, the nice weather brings out the shorts.. aw yea! I'm fortunate enough to be able to push the envelope a bit here at work. For the next 6-7 months, I'll pretty much always be sporting a pair of shorts at work.
Not running shorts or the basketball shorts I'm lounging around in at the homestead, mind you, but they're still shorts. Cargo shorts and the like.

You know what I like about cargo shorts? Lots of pockets. I've been informed by people in the fashion-know (read: my wife), that you really aren't supposed to use all of the pockets. As she pointed out, though, they really shouldn't put all those pockets on clothing for men if they don't want them to be used.

(And yes, in the case of cargo pants, with like 20 pockets, I've "lost" things, not knowing which pocket something is in.)

So yeah, it's relatively relaxed here at work, dress-wise. I can't do sandals, though. That is strictly verboten. If I deal with a customer or an executive or something like that, I need to shape up for the day. Otherwise.. I'm good to go.

I've been lax on working out this week. This weekend, game is back on. At least one of the days.

I'm going to get back to work, in an effort to slide on out a bit early and enjoy the weather and some sort of tasty beverage.

Keep on rockin'! Have a great weekend, everyone


Tammy said...

Enjoy the weather! It's in the mid-80's here today.

I'm jealous. I am never to stray from "business casual". Ever. There are maybe 2 exceptions per year when we can wear jeans to work, but never never never shorts.

Melanie said...

i ran in a t-shirt and capris today! LOVE IT! I started working at home in July. shorts, sweatpants, tshirts, you name it. :) have a great weekend!

Sun Runner said...

It was 40 degrees when I got up this morning. Right now it's pushing 80 out there. The temp swing is a bit harsh. I'm not ready. I am going to have to get up and get out EARLY tomorrow for my ten miles. Ah, Michigan. Where you can go from January to July in the span of two days (seriously, Wednesday, there were snow flurries).

I can't wear shorts to work, but I can wear skirts, and I wear as short of a skirt as I can get away with. ;) I don't put all those miles into my legs to hide them all summer!

Denise said...

Man, shorts at work!! Technically we aren't even suppose to wear capris. Ugh.

joyRuN said...

PLEASE do NOT fill up those pockets. I've seen cargo pants stuffed to the brim with crap - so much so that the pants are hanging closer to the knees with all that weight. Too much crack for my liking ;)

Have a good weekend.

RunningLaur said...

What shoes do you wear with shorts if you don't have on sandals? I see all kinds of fashion faux pas happening here.

Enjoy the wam!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I hear you re: Shorts with lots of pockets. In my mind I'm all like Score! Now there'll be a pocket for EVERYTHING - but then the first time I have to empty all my pockets at the checkout counter just to find my wallet, I sheepishly go back to using the same old two pockets I would in less pocket-intensive pants.

@joyRuN - Don't stare at men's @$$es and then berate them for showing too much crack! Way to blame the victim! Why not TAKE A PICTURE!1! It LASTS LONGER!1!

Cindy said...

that cracks me up --the cargo shorts thing! i can imagine trying to fish out your money but not knowing which one of the 20 pockets it's in. my husband did that with his jacket (maybe it's a cargo jacket?). i sit patiently while he checks ALL of the pockets for his car keys.

Marcy said...

I am sooo loving the weather. Even got a chance to break out the kiddie pool HAHA!

X-Country2 said...

I'd love to wear shorts to work. We finally got the "nylon only" rule lifted last year, and it was a bid day.