Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strange Sleep Patterns

Well, this weekend was full of odd sleep patterns for me. I stayed up late on Friday, which generally doesn't lead to good things. Saturday, I woke up, not nearly rested enough. Tired and cranky was I.

Shortly after, I was called in to work and spent the day there. I came home and caught a quick 20 minute nap, also out of the norm. I usually only nap if I'm sick. After that, I went out for a run, my first in 6 days. Did 3 miles.

After the nap and the run, I felt immensely better. I napped and ran the crankiness out of my system.

So, Sunday, I wound up waking up early. Also, well out of the norm. Now, 7:30 isn't early for a lot of people, but for me on a weekend, that's at least 2 hours earlier than normal. LOL.

Strange thing is, when you get up earlier, there's more hours in the day to work with. hah.

So yeah, I went for a run that morning, and it was kind of nice, having it out of the way by 10:30. Another 3 miles in the books.

This week, I'm rolling downstate for a business trip.. Yee-haw! I'm hoping that I can hop on the treadmill in the hotel and work off the extraordinary free breakfast that the Holiday Inn Express serves.. (seriously, it's good)

I'm also hoping I can get caught up on my blogging at night and get a couple of posts out.

Keep on rockin', everyone!


RunToFinish said...

so true when you get up earlier there are a lot more hours... my body won't sleep in unless we have a crazy night out. so I'm up by like 6:30 on both sat and sun...it's sad really!

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Marcy said...

I've been working crazy sleep as well. For whatever reason I keep getting up at 2:30 am and am unable to fall back asleep immediately. This leaves for one MEAN B for the rest of the day HAHA!

Melanie said...

i can rarely sleep in any more on weekends, but enjoy that the long runs are done sooner too :)

joyRuN said...

Safe travels!

I need a caffeine hit by 1pm anyway, so might as well get up early & get some stuff done with the extra hours.

Denise said...

7:30 is sleeping in for me!! I get up early even on the wknds, I love having the whole day after my run to do stuff.

Shannon said...

Hotel treadmills!?! Not my favorite, but good breakfasts I really dig'. Safe travels....

Brian said...

Thats the rule I live by, more hours in the day! I have been having weird patterns too, ugh. Have a good trip!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

ALL free breakfastseses are good, brother!

I rarely get to sleep late anymore, even on weekends - thanks to Teh Boy!. But I'm so old that I hardly seem to need any sleep anymore.

Plus, being old and easily tired, I generally fall asleep somewhere between 9 and 10 p.m. - even on weekends!

Man, do I know how to PARTY or what?


X-Country2 said...

I HATE when I can't sleep. Hopefully you can find your sleep mojo again.