Monday, June 22, 2009

Long run, rest, all sorts of good stuff

Back from the weekend. What a weekend. Before I get into that, here's something interesting..

I took a page from Lacey on Friday.. I went and sent Jeff Galloway a friend request on Facebook. A few hours later, I got the confirmation message that he is now my FB peep! Woot!

So, going into the weekend, the plan was this.. Lamaze, all day Saturday. Probably some Father's Day shopping. Sunday, there was a Father's day get together with the extended family. (I think there were to be 5 or 6 Dads there.). The weekend was booked solid.

I was a little apprehensive, to be honest, just because it was filled up. I don't know.. I like to take it easy on the weekends, do some unwinding from the week. Having every minute more or less planned out just isn't very fun for me.

That was going into the weekend..

We started off the weekend on Friday afternoon with a trip to the doctor's office.

"How did that go?" you might ask..

Thanks for asking!

It went well, but it appears that Mrs. Raul is starting to develop preeclampsia. As a result, she now gets to see the doctor twice a week, in addition to being put on bed rest. He also indicated that if we get 3 more weeks, we'll be lucky.. Mini-Raul is coming soon, it sounds like. So, if my posts drop off, that may be the reason why..

(For those that are not in the know about preeclampsia (and I wasn't either), it's really not too big of a deal if you're being actively monitored)

So, bed rest took the plans for the weekend, and threw them out of the window.

As a result, we stayed home. I think I traveled within a two mile radius of the homestead all weekend.

Yes, it would have been good to see the fam on Father's day.. That kind of stunk that we missed out on that.

But, I must admit.. a weekend of staying home (minus a trip to the grocery store and a last ditch effort to get all needed supplies for the offspring) was absolutely wonderful. I feel bad my wife is on bed rest, but I *loved* just staying home. Loved loved loved it. I got to do some stuff around the house that I wanted to do, and I got to take it easy. My wife was armed with the phone to page me when she needed something, and life was good.

I went for a "long" run this weekend, Galloway-style. 4 miles done in the rain, and no ill-effects afterward. I took Sunday off, and am ready to go back out today.

Other than that, not a lot going on. You know what to do.. Keep on rockin'!


Lacey Nicole said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! hehehee i laughed so hard at the fb friending-- we are super fans!!!!!!!!!!! :) i totally didn't know he was on fb! they are so hip these days :)

it sounds like your wife is in good hands-- it always makes me feel better knowing how often pregnant mom-to-be's see their doctors. closely monitored is FOR SURE a good thing, even if it means trips to the clinic. i'd take that over uncertainty and danger any day :) how many months along???? so exciting!

and nice work on your 4-miler. are you going to be bumping up mileage galloway style??? joe henderson recommends adding walking to DOUBLE your longest run! i just read his book "better runs" and oh my was it outdated (12 years old) but some of the points were still good!

MCM Mama said...

Hope the bedrest keeps mini-Raul cooking for a bit longer. How many weeks is your wife?

Sounds like a relaxing weekend for you.

joyRuN said...

Sounds like you put your local time to good use :) Good luck with Mrs. Raul with the bedrest - I think the toughest thing would be staying occupied. Maybe she'd like Bejeweled on FB ;)?

RunningLaur said...

You'll be daddy raul soon! Enjoy the rest while you can, I'm sure youll be seeing all of your family shortly!

D10 said...

Make sure you wife rests up. My sister had preeclampsia with her first child. It was not fun.

Oh, the friends you can have through facebook!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Bed rest? Pfffttt! Women have it soooo easy with the whole having a baby thing.

It's the dads who suffer!

Tell Mrs. Raul that! That'll earn you a meat-punch!


Hope she's keeping occupied. And it IS nice to be home for a weekend, isn't it?

Denise said...

Oh no, bed rest? Yuck. Find lots of stuff to keep her occupied!!

Carolina John said...

keep her well fed with dvd's while on bed rest. when the baby comes there's still lots of time in bed. you might not know me well enough to admit this, but when our first was born we watched every season of sex and the city in bed with the newborn. she turns 4 tomorrow. with the second kid, we watched some other tv show from pilot to finale. you never remember as much with the second kid.

lil' raul's going to be running around before you know it. enjoy these last few weeks of silence and sleep.

Tammy said...

Preeclampsia, yup. Been there, done that. You're gonna be a daddy soon! So exciting!

I didn't know Jeff Galloway was on FB, I'll have to friend him, too! I already sought out Bart Yasso after reading his book...