Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend running and the avatar

Well, I went out 2 days this weekend. Both days I left my knee strap at home, and tried a different approach to my running. I took up a Galloway-style approach.. I'd run .5 or .6 miles, then walk a block or so. Repeat. That *seemed* to keep the ITBS at a manageable level. I also stuck to flat routes, and I limited my runs to 2.25 & 2.5 miles. (The running part was those numbers, I don't count the walking).

The other thing I did was to pick up my pace a bit.. (mixing in walking allows me to run fast for a short period of time.. lol). I think that causes me to run more on front part of my foot, and it doesn't hurt the ITB as much. I know running faster leads to more injuries, so I'm hesitant to keep with this aspect of my weekend runs.

Today I feel pretty good, and I'm happy about that. I think I'll just go for a walk today and not try to push it to 3 days in a row.

Props to joyRuN, who correctly identified my avatar's origin. It's from Doctor Who.. It's a 'Dalek'. Wikipedia has a lengthy article on them here, because what else do sci-fi people have to do, but write detailed articles on Wikipedia? The long and the short of it is, it's an "evil alien race".

I really didn't know what to choose for an avatar, so that was it. I'd put pics up, but then people from work might stumble across this, put 2 and 2 together, and that just wouldn't be good.

That's all for now... I need to find something for tomorrow's alky Tuesday entry..

Keep on rockin'!


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Running faster 'too much' causes injuries. But a proper amount of speed work will actually improve your form and help stave off injuries. The trick is to figure out how much is the right amount. First though, you want to get healthy and get your mileage base up before you do any speed work. But don't avoid speed work completely.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Figures toyBuNz would know since she's from an alien race herself - the dread "Fauxlipinos": Half-girl, half boy-@$$.

But HAWT!1!

But thanks for clearing that up about the avatar.

Have you been to the doctor yet about that ITB? Because if you did go, you might could get well enough to run even farther, if that is your goal.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna do an alky Tuesday post, I SWEAR!

On beer, naturally.

Don't look now, but I think Teh Marcy called you "old-looking" in her comment yesterday. She's so young she thinks Simon and Garfunkel are stuff you have done to your car:

"Yeah, yesterday the ol' Nash Rambler turned 100,000 miles so I have 'er Simonized and Garfunkelled."

Lacey Nicole said...

lunchtime walks (esp with nice weather) are the best! i totally used to go everyday and i just am not in the office enough or have enough time to do this... boo! heheh.. i had no idea what the pic was!!!!!!1

X-Country2 said...

Good luck keepign that ITBS at bay. Seems like you're on a great path.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

great that you're finding things to keep the ITB pain away. the galloway things helps me run faster too. :) no doctor's advice yet though? LOL

joyRuN said...


Funny thing about my issues with ITBS - I haven't had any problems with it AT ALL since I've been trying this new gait out.

How ironic that I traded ITBS for whatever this new nonsense is!

Marcy said...

Oooooooo thanks for the 411. I always wondered what the heck that thing was. I thought it was some sort of funky thimble LOL