Saturday, March 24, 2012

15K race plan

Well, the calf seems pretty much OK today.  It's tender to touch deep in the calf muscle, but I massaged the hell out of it over the last few days.  I did some hopping on the injured leg and some very very brief running (ie: from one side of the house to the other), and felt no ill effects.

Provided I wake up feeling the same or better tomorrow, it's a go.

The forecast is for mid 50s, but some rain possibility.  Eh, the temperature is good at least.  According to MapMyRun, it's a fairly flat course.

Race plan is as follows:  Start out fairly easy, make sure the leg is kicking and holding out well.  If so, ratchet it up to race pace (9 min/mi).  The water stations are every 2 miles, and I'm looking to walk through them, taking a Gu at mile 4.

That's the plan.  Worst case, there's an ambulance on the course.

Goals are:

1) Stay healthy.  If things start going out of whack, I'll shut it down.  That's my only real goal.  This is merely a step on the way to my half in 6 weeks.  (Wow, really? 6 weeks?  Where does the time go?)

2) Next goal will be a 1:30 finish. Should be attainable, but you never know.

3) Next goal is 9 minute miles.  This also should be attainable, but will be about the upper end of it.

That's it.  I've never raced this distance, so I'm guaranteed a PR.  Winning!

Good thing I checked the map.. The race is in a town of similarly named towns, all close together.  I was destined to the wrong one before I looked tonight.  lol.  whoops.

That's all for now.. keep on rockin'...

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