Thursday, March 22, 2012

Busy Busy

It's been a busy past couple of weeks.  I think we're through most of it, and should resume normalcy soon.

On the weight front, I'm down another 10 pounds.  Another 2 pounds, and I'll have lost 30%. lol.  Probably won't hit that this week, with the trip out for a few beers yesterday... :)

Regarding running, I did two more major prep runs for my 15K race, in addition to my other running.. One was a 10 miler.  Double digits.. first time in a long long time.  That went extremely well, no aches or pains or anything.

The other prep I did was to run 5 miles at race pace.  That one went.. OK.  It's hard to simulate that race feeling, but I went out for 5 miles @ 9 minutes a mile.   End result was 5 miles done @ 8:59.  Score.  I was huffing pretty good at the end, but my course had far more hills than the race course will.   Plus, it was downright HOT out that day.  What's up with the weather??  I think 9 minute miles is attainable and a fairly reasonable goal.

Am I ready?  Oh, as ready as I will be.

I had one setback, though.  Sigh, nothing's easy.
I was going for a lunchtime walk on Tuesday, as per normal, and felt a twinge in my calf.  Nothing painful, just a twinge, so I kept on going.  I went out for my run that night, no problems.   The next morning... tight. Tight tight.  Some discomfort (a 2 or 3 on the pain scale, I'd say).   So, I've been throwing down ibuprofen, and I've skipped my walks and I'm skipping my last run before the race.

I decided that missing one 3-4 mile run isn't going to impact me too much.  Running and tweaking my calf even worse would impact me, though.   I'm doing stretching and self-massage, hoping for it to heal up before the big day.  It's better today on Thursday than it was yesterday- I'm probably at a 1 on the pain scale.

I'll have to play it by ear for Sunday's big event.  I certainly don't want to reinjure it, as I have the half marathon coming up in a month and a half.

That's all for now.. keep on rockin!

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Carolina John said...

Hang in there bro, and good luck at the big event sunday!