Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greetz Peepz!

Hey everyone!

Yeah, this sabbatical thing is just awesome. I could SO get used to it. Alas, I need a job, so the vacay will run out, and I'll be back to it.

I've been doing well going to the gym 5x a week. My schedule has been (starting on a Monday), 3-4-4, off, 3-6, off. Not a bad 20 miles. I have noticed that my legs are a bit creaky, but I can get through the miles, one way or another.

Been keeping up on the whole Bootie Buster Challenge. I haven't totalled up the points, but I've only missed contributing points on a day or maybe two.

I noticed today that I have developed a blister near the ball of my foot, towards the arch. TMI? Nahh... Probably a result of my new kicks. I scored some New Balance 1011's. Literally the last store in the area that had some wide running shoes. I went all over and came up empty handed. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

So the foam roller has been getting easier. I don't know if my ITBS has been mended or is better at all, but I think so. The running of the 6 miles is mainly just hard on me overall, rather than being focused on the IT band. (Not that it's too hard, but it's not the smoothest thing.)

So, I got a Christmas card from a blog follower the other day, saying that he wished he was as active and such. My advice to him and everyone else is, the hardest part is the first step out the door. After that, it's not too bad. Sure, you don't want to go exercise and blow a whole hour out of the day or whatever, but you'll feel much better afterward.

We're getting snow tonight.. Guess I'll be shoveling or something tomorrow. :)

Alright.. I'll be around to make some sort of insignificant posts on all y'all's blogs. Keep on rockin'!


tfh said...

Keep enjoying it while it lasts!

It feels so good when the foam roller gets easier, doesn't it? Like maybe it's really paying off.

Cindy said...

hey, good job! sounds like you're whipping me on the hbbc points. you're really making the most of your time off!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the running. Enjoy the free time to do it while it lasts. It's a luxury that you probably won't get to have for long.

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you're making excellent use of your free time! Enjoy some extra sleep for me. :o)

Shoe Running said...

I've gotta try this foam roller thing...I think I'm a little scared of it. :)

I agree that the hardest part of getting yourself to run is getting yourself out the door...my trick has always been to start by putting on my running clothes. It works everytime!

Happy holidays!

Shannon said...

Sounds like your enjoying your break. Being on vacation and working out sounds like a beautiful combination!