Thursday, December 25, 2008

Year in review

I'm a bit late to the 'year in review' party, but I figured I should get there before the end of the year at least.

Fitness-wise, I ran more than last year. I got 567 miles in thus far, with 4 more if the roads get plowed today. I started biking a little, buying my friend's bike. I also swam some too. I've whimped out this winter, but I did run outside last winter. At least I'm running in the gym. I focused more on just running and not trying to push too hard, so I have many many less long runs this year.

In the spring and summer, my running buddy and I got together a bunch and went running. That was a lot of fun. We ran our first real race, a 5K. We only ran it for fun and didn't push hard, but it was a good time.

Injury-wise, I didn't do too too bad. I spent the first few months battling some ITBS issues, which seem better now. Not 100%, but not terrible, either.
The biggest injury was my broken elbow due to some careless biking. Sigh. There was a broken toe in there and that's really about it.

Professionally, it wasn't a banner year. A large amount of job dis-satisfaction, but I suppose it was that which led me to start blogging. Sorry, boss. I think I'm close to coming to terms with it, but I've been away for a few weeks, so that will probably change about 15 minutes after I get back to it. It pays well, and is as stable as things can be in this economy and our small town.

My running buddy's husband deployed, so that was a eye-opener.

As far as other things go, various things happened. I joined the dice baseball league, and made it to the World Series in my first season.

I went to 10-12 minor league baseball games, and had an awesome time there.

I went to 3 different beer festivals, and of course had some great times. I bought and drank a whole bunch of different (new to me) bottles of gin and scotch (And vodka. And cognac.). Damn, I sure drank a lot this year.

I bought a PS3, and my wife bought me a few games which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I 'got' a new nephew this year. Not that I had anything to do with it, but it was cool.

I'm very fortunate, and I try to remember that every day. Here's to the upcoming year, and I hope everyone can be as fortunate as I was this year. I'll throw together a post of what I hope to do this new year in the coming days.

Keep on rockin'.. Have a great (and safe) new year's celebration, and a great new year!


X-Country2 said...

That sounds like a pretty good year. I want to start swimming and biking too, so I need find a friend who will sell me one.

Good luck in 2009!

Denise said...

Sounds like a great year!! I'm having ITB troubles right now. Stinks!!

happy new year!