Friday, May 11, 2012


So, it's been 5 days since the half.  I feel relatively good.  The muscles feel sore and used, but nothing seems terrible.

I went out on Wednesday for a short bike ride, and that went well.  I also threw in a walk at lunch time to stretch the legs a bit more.  Thursday, I did a slow and easy jog, about 3 miles long.

All in all, nothing seems structurally wrong.  I was thinking about a 5K next weekend, and I suppose it's possible, but I think it's probably off the plate for now.  I could probably run it, but I really want to race it, and I think easing off is probably the way to go.

Tomorrow, I'm looking to get in another bike ride, and hopefully a run on Sunday, if Mrs. Raul consents to that.. it is "her" day, after all.

On another note, I sent in my next two race applications... stay tuned.. :)

Keep on rockin!

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