Saturday, May 5, 2012


I ran cross country in high school.  One season.  I hated it.

I tried track the following spring, and that wasn't for me.

And with that, I gave up high school sports.  The trend continued into college, and onward.

In mid 2007, I picked up running.  I was finally ready.  It was the outlet I needed at the time, and I started finding my way.  I almost ran a half marathon that year, but bowed out due to some family circumstances.  I did more running the following year, and the next half year, until mini-Raul was born.

Then, I got lazy.  I'm not going to blame my son.  It's on me.  And, to make matters worse, I ate and drank like I did when I ran.

Fast forward to May 8th, 2011.  Mother's Day.  Family photos, etc etc.  I looked at those pictures and said.. "Shit.  I need to get myself in order."

May 13th, I had a hot water heater installed.  When the plumber left, I said, "What should I do now?"

The only answer was.. to get out there.  I started the process.  Running.  Again.  Finally.

I had a fleeting thought while I was out there. "OMG, there's a half marathon.. 5 miles away!  It's in 2 days!  I run on some of those roads!  That'd be awesome!"  Until, well, I saw what rough shape I was in.

I started eating a little better.  I kept running.   I started doing Weight Watchers.

I met up with Jillian on DVD.  And Tony Horton.  And I busted hump.  Every. Fricken. Day.

I ran in the rain.  I ran in the snow.  I worked out before work.  I got it done.

...Fast forward to today.  Cinco de Mayo.  The eve of my half marathon.  Almost a year later. I'm down 63 pounds.  30% of Raul, gone.  I'm in the best shape of my life.

I don't have any aches and pains, I've been listening to my body.

I'm ready to go slay this dragon.

Keep on rockin'

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MCM Mama said...

Great job on getting back in shape!! How did the race go?