Monday, May 28, 2012


So, today I did my first brick.

And, in my normal form, I didn't start out with an easy one.  Noo...

That's the hill loop I took.  A little over 10 miles.

And, this is how fast I went:

Yeah. I completely suck.  That's about a 10 mph ride.  Way to go.

Side note, most interesting item seen while on my ride: what looked like a brand new Backstreet Boys CD.  No jewel case, though.

Afterward, I parked the bike and hit the road running.  Also, not an easy course:

Yeah, I was in a masochistic mood.

Splits went very well here, though:

So, it was a tad over a 5K

All in all, about an hour and a half.

My thoughts are this:

I loved it.  I got a hell of a workout, I did better on the hills than I thought I would on the bike, and I was able to run well afterward.

I'm not sure Mrs. Raul cared for it as much, with me being out of the house for that long, again.  I may need to start getting up at the asscrack of dawn to do shenanigans like this.  Oh, mini-Raul, please get some sleep some day.

I wore my shorts.  They're kind of weird, but it seems like a good idea to get used to them.  No chafing, no serious complaints.  They're a lot tighter and more "form fitting" than what I would normally wear, though.

I also think this is a good baseline to see how much I improve at the end of the summer.

Yeah, it was a serious workout in some serious heat, but I really enjoyed it.

Keep on rockin!

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Carolina John said...

I get funny looks when running the trails in tri shorts too. It's ok, they are just jealous.

Bricks are great once you get used to them, but try an easier course next time!