Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012, Week 1

Well, I'm going to try to be better about blogging.  Not only in the frequency of blogging, but putting a little more visual interest (e.g. pictures) in the post.

This past week was pretty good fitness-wise:
- Saturday was my resolution run 5K
- Sunday was Cardio-X and Ab Ripper-X DVDs
- Monday was a run, about 4 miles.
- Tuesday it got balls cold outside.  30 day shred DVD.  Indoor 3 mile walk
- Wednesday, still cold as hell.  Ripped in 30 DVD. Indoor 3 mile walk.
- Thursday - Appointments and the like, so I booked it as a rest day
- Friday - Jillian's 6 pack abs DVD.  A 45 minute walk outside, it finally warmed up.

I wanted another run in there, but it just wasn't happening. The single digits don't do much for me.

I also tried out my Christmas present from this year: Weight Watchers cook books.. The first guest up was this:

Vegetable spring rolls.. Those are some carrots, scallions, and green peppers wrapped up in rice paper wrappers.  The dipping sauce is carrot juice, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and ginger.    Overall, tasty, but probably should be used as a side dish or appetizer.  My presentation needs a little work, too, looking at this picture.

It also gave me a chance to try a kitchen implement I haven't used yet.. The food processor.  A few years back, I received a blender/food processor combo.  I've used the blender (pretty much solely for margaritas and the like), but never did anything with the processor.    It's not a full size, but it shredded those carrots like nothing else.  Loud as hell, but it got the job done.

That's it for the week.. Keep on rockin.

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Carolina John said...

those spring rolls look good! We have used a weight watchers cookbook for years. got some good stuff in there.