Monday, January 16, 2012


I debated writing about this.  I really don't go around talking about this.  If someone asks me directly, I'll cough up the info, but that's it.  I do want a little feedback though, and I'll get to that at the end.  Plus, this is a fitness blog, so it's not unrelated.

Well.. Here it is:

Max - 50 = Now

I've lost 50 pounds.  Holy shit.  I honestly had no idea I had put on 50 pounds of fat.  Another 1.75 pounds, and it will be 25% of my weight lost.  (Feel free to run the math there if you want, I'm putting it out there.)

I'm armed with a bathroom scale of the spinning dial variety.  No body fat analysis, no digital, just an old-school scale.  I weigh in every Saturday morning when I get up, and dutifully write it down.

The whole general "eat less, drink less" was working, but I switched it up to doing Weight Watchers and have been rockin' it since.

Now though, I'm starting to get shit.  "Geez, you aren't going to lose more, are you?"  Blah blah.  This isn't a vanity thing.  I'm not going shirtless at the beach here.  I truthfully haven't felt this good in, well, ever?  I haven't weighed this weight in.. 15 years?

I do realize that I'm fortunate.. In 8 months, I dropped 50 pounds.  It was work, but nothing terrible.  I've certainly worked harder on worse things.  I know people struggle to lose just a little.  Food is not really my demon.  (I prefer to drink mine).  My wife is doing WW, and she's doing great.  But it's hard for her.  I see the battle, though, and realize what I've done.

So, now... I'm kind of just winging it.  I can run 3 days a week, and do some DVD workouts the other days and still bring an 'A' run/workout (as much as I can bring an 'A' in a workout).  I'm not dragging, I'm not obsessing about food.   It's this that makes me think my body is fine with the weight loss.  I've still got visible fat I can lose.

That brings me to my desired feedback...
I don't know where I'm going.  I have no idea what my ideal body weight is.  (That's partly why I'm reading 'Racing Weight').  All I can do is listen to my body.   When it says "enough", I'll try to level out.  Thoughts?  Opinions?

Keep on rockin...

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Carolina John said...

My first question was "are you reading racing weight?"

I got the formulas in that book to help me calculate my idea weight. Then I dropped the $20 at kmart to get a digital scale that would calculate my body fat % as well. When I lost weight last year I went from 28.8% bf to 16% right before the ironman.

You can talk about goal setting in different contexts. My goals included 11% body fat and finishing the ironman. and racing weight changed my whole perspective on ironman training. You might want to pick a full marathon, give yourself enough time to hit the weight you want before marathon training starts, then go accomplish something you couldn't do 50 lbs ago.