Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3 report

A long week at work.  Wow.

Workout wise, I did OK for the week:

Saturday - Run
Sunday - Yoga X.
Monday - 6 week 6 pack
Tuesday - Icy hill run
Wednesday - Cardio X, indoor walk
Thursday - Run, indoor walk
Friday - Rest

That Yoga X DVD from P90X.  Holy shit. Never tried it before, thought I'd give it a whirl.  It's an hour and a half.. The first half is all Vinyasa movements, Warrior I, II, Reverse Warrior, etc.  The second half is various balance poses and stretches.  The balance poses come as a welcome relief.  It's a heck of a workout, and I was sore the next day.

Thursday I busted out the foam roller, and I think I went a little too crazy.  I took Friday off. lol

No weight loss for the week (weigh-ins on Saturday mornings), but I think that's partly due to me nearing the bottom, as well as hitting the pizza and beer on Friday night with the guys.

I'm working on doing some leg strengthening exercises, hoping that fixes my knee issue.  I think it's either a bad pair of shoes, or a muscle imbalance (or both).   I'm fairly certain it's not ITBS.  It may be patella-femoral pain, but I don't know. Side story about that:

6-7 years ago, I would be sitting at work, go to stand up, and as I straightened my leg, it would hurt bad.  Serious bad.  Close to throw up bad.  Occasionally, I'd straighten my leg in my sleep, and the pain would shoot me awake.   I went to the doctor, and he quickly pulled out a sheet of exercises, and said my quads were too weak.  I scoffed in my mind, but went and followed his advice.   Lo and behold, after strengthening my quads, that went away.  I've learned not to knock the imbalance.

Fast forward to today, I don't do a lot of quad work.  My knees always crack after bending them, so I'm hoping that's all this is.  I don't have the shooting pain, though.  Sigh.  It's always something. :)

Keep on rockin'...


Lily on the Road said...

CONGRAT'S on the 50! Wow, that is something to be very proud of!!

I've never found "the love" for yoga although I do try to do it, maybe if I was more diligent I'd have better balance.

joyRuN said...

That Yoga makes me cry. I thought that stuff was supposed to be relaxing!

PS - tag you're it.