Monday, May 21, 2012

June plans

So, my half marathon is done.  I did my 5K goal for the year.  What's next?

There's a local race at the end of June/early July.. I was looking to go for it 3 years ago, but Mrs. Raul was put on bed rest before mini-Raul's arrival.  (Who knew, that would be the last rest she'd get?) I wasn't in tip-top shape, but it would have been fun.

When I was up at Fleet Feet, I bought one more thing:

Tri shorts, baby!

Yes, the local race is a sprint tri.  I'm going to dip my toe into the water and see how it is.  I've started biking a couple of times a week.  At the very least, it's some nice cross training.  I'm waiting for the parks and pools to open up this weekend, so that I can get a wee bit of swimming in.

And, as a special bonus, I found out there's a first ever "micro" tri a few weeks before the sprint tri.  I got my application in there, and I made the cut (only 100 racers allowed).  I'm waiting for my check to get cashed for the sprint, and I should be set.

I have no goals for these races, I'm just looking to have a little fun and give the sport a shot.  I figure that I will have minimal swim time before these races, and only moderate bike time.  At my level of fitness, I also figure that I can muddle through the race and survive.

Depending on how these go, I hopefully will get a clue on what race(s) I want to go with for the fall.  My race plan runs out at the end of June.. I seriously am lost where to go next. lol

Keep on rockin!


Carolina John said...

Rock on brother. The sprint tri's are how you get hooked. You'll be shaving your legs before you know what happened.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow. Cletus's only advice to you re: running tris is to gay it up by shaving your legs. He's nothing if not consistent. Also? Gay. (Standard disclaimer: Not That there's Anything Wrong ...etc.)

I did a really, really mini-tri on my last vacation. The swimming was definitely the hardest part for me (zero practice; and whenever I'm in a pool, which is rare, it's mostly just to eff around and cool off) - and they made us swim FIRST. Then bike. Then run. The 1.4-mile run felt like a marathon to me after the (admittedly ridiculously short) swim and the 8.8-mile bike part.

But enough about tris.


Hatin' on the Padres, Raul? They're getting hot! They helped us (meaning: Teh Phils) out last night by beating the Mets, even though David Wright is STILL batting over .400 after last night's game. This season, who knows what'll happen? Are the Orioles for real? Will my Indians fold again like last year? What's up with Teh Angels and Teh Tigers? Not to mention the Dodgers ...

It's not like last year, so far. Not anywhere.

Should be interesting.

Moving on to the next topic: When I see other people running before a race, I always wonder ... aren't you afraid that will adversely affect your energy level for the race? I guess ii works for them; it wouldn't for me. What really pisses me off is guys who re-run the course (usually in 5ks) after the race. These guys are usually in their 20s and they run races shirtless and of course are cut enough that they don't look ridiculous shirtless. Fuckers.

But running the whole course again after the race - faster than I ran it the first time, during the RACE - is just rubbing it in. But I just take comfort in the knowledge that some day they'll be old and fat, like me. And maybe gay, like Cletus.