Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow.. Monday is flying by

Yeah, I just got done flying through my RSS reader. Sorry to all that I didn't get a chance to read and make an insightful comment.

The plumber came Friday and spent almost 2 hours fixing the valves. I'm glad I didn't bother trying to do that myself, because that would have been a whole weekend just *gone*.

Dice baseball was a success.. We played the 'divisional' and 'league' championship series. I survived both and will be playing in the world series on Friday. Whoo hoo!. Not bad, first time player, getting to the W.S.

For those that missed the original short, non-descriptive text about what dice baseball is, it's this. A bunch of guys sitting around, drinking beer, managing a team of baseball players, where the game is pretty much decided by rolls of the dice, with a tad bit of baseball strategy mixed in.

It's actually kind of fun, but some guys get waaaaay too serious about it. I just like to kick back and talk baseball and such.

On Saturday, I did get out to the gym to try again on my 8 miler. It was a smashing success. I set up the treadmill at a constant 5.7 mph and plugged away. Only annoying part was that the treadmill went into 'cool down' mode after an hour. I thought about continuing, but decided against it after 8.

Sunday, I felt pretty good.. muscles were a little tired, but nothing crippling. I obviously had some rubbing between my toes, so there's a little bit of rawness going on down there, unfortunately.

I'm going to the gym tonight to do another running workout, hopefully.

OK, all.. Sorry this is short.. more tomorrow.. Keep on rockin'.


Shannon said...

Get to the gym and do your thing....

raulgonemobile said...

Ya.. once I actually got there, did it, and was finished, I felt a lot better.