Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So, 2011 was a success.  What is on tap for 2012?

1)  Continue with weight loss.  I'm not sure how far I'm going.  All I know is that I'm going to listen to my body. Right now, the weight is still coming off, without a lot of sacrifice on my part.  I know a lot of people wish they could say the same in their weight loss struggles.  I am eating less, and I still feel fine- I can still function normally, and work out on top of it.  Once it really slows down, I'll probably call that the bottom.

2) Break 25 minutes in a 5K. I think regular running will get me there.  Adding a little more speedwork during the year, and more miles in general should do it.

3)  End of March - a 15K.

4)  Big news.  Beginning of May....I'll spill it now.. a half marathon.  I'm actually registered and all!

I debated running one at the end of 2011, but I figured playing it safe and not doing too much too fast was the way to go.  My knee still gets a little off around 5-6 miles.  I believe it's not a knee issue, but more of a muscle imbalance in the leg and calf.  More leg exercises and cross training for me.  That's the only thing that worries me.. Right now, I'm maxed at 5-6 miles.  Hopefully that clears up soon so I can get up to the right mileage.

5) Early July. Hopefully something new.  Not a marathon.. that's all you'll get for now. :)

6) More cross training.  I tried out a couple of the P90X discs, and they're solid.  I'm not doing the program, but they are good workouts on off running days.  When the weather warms up, I'll do some biking.  I think mixing it up and doing more than just running has helped my running and overall health.

After that, I don't know.  In mid-June there's a 20K.  July is the Boilermaker. In November another half marathon.  I'm going to gauge me running those based on how I do with #s 3 and 4.  The 15K is going to be my trial run for the half marathon. Figure I can try out my race pace and see how I do, do a recovery week, and then do a 10-12 mile run to ensure I'm up for the distance.  If all goes well there, I'll do some other race of about that distance this year.

Those are my plans.  What are yours?

Keep on rockin'!


Carly said...

Those are great goals. Congrats on signing up fornthenhalf marathon. It is fun to have a big event to look forward to.

Happy New Year!

Carolina John said...

I bet the knee wonkiness is more of a core strength thing than a calf thing. get a steady core routine going and it will help out immensely. Also a stronger core will help with the speed.