Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, Friday I was supposed to do 3 miles. One thing led to another, and I got 0 in. Sigh. First time I've deviated from my plan. Sigh.

The good news was, when I went to the gym Saturday to do my 7 miles, I rocked it. Felt great the whole way through. I put on The Downward Spiral and plugged along. All 105 laps.

I really had wanted to do it outside, but the windchill made it about 5 degrees out. With snow and the bad drivers, I opted not to risk it. Glad it worked out well.
I also did W2D1 of the 100 pushup challenge, and it seems like it was the right place to start in the plan.

Today I feel great, and it's just cool.

Speaking of cool, I now have added a 'Sponsors' section on the blog. New Balance of Harrisburg has offered me a free pair of shoes, provided I give them some link space and a review of the shoes I choose. Since I always roll in New Balance, I jumped at the chance for this.

Any other companies that are looking for free ad space? I'm your guy. I love trying out stuff. :)

Keep on rockin.


Shannon said...


I'm diggin' the sponsor thingy, maybe I should hit my local running store with that idea. Get back on track this week and don't beat yourself up. :)

Denise said...

So cool about the sponsor thing. Did you go to them or did they find you? I have a local running store that I run with and I'd love to do that for them.