Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fartleks and parking

So, yesterday on the schedule was a 4 mile fartlek. Cool! Something a little different. Speaking of different, I'll make this post different. Prepare yourself for childish pictures!

So, I pulled up at the gym, and parked.

This is roughly what the parking lot looks like. The 'truck' in the picture was parked there when I got there, as it sometimes happens. It's not permanently there.
The black car marking will be mine. (I don't have a black car, but I wanted to differentiate myself for purposes of this exercise).

OK. So an astute driver can see where this is going..

Anyways, back to the workout.

I did the fartlek. Unfortunately for me, my throttle speeds tend to vary between one of the three:

1. Sloth

2. Snail

3. Turtle

But, I went and really tore up the track, as much as one of those three can. Plus, it was pretty congested on the track, with people ignoring the 'single file' rule and all.

It was a successful workout though, got all sweaty and stinky and ran hard.

So, done with the workout, I went back outside to find this parking lot arrangement:

The new cars are denoted by the green & red marks. When I parked I said to myself.. "Self, you could get trapped in here." I also replied (isn't that bad?) "Nah.. no one would be that stupid"

So, the car with the red mark, someone in a green Hyundai, proceeded to block us all in. People always park next to the building, getting rid of those passageways.. I don't like it, but it happens.

I went in to the desk and tried to explain the situation. The girl looked at me like I was nuts. How could one car block two rows of cars? Furthermore, she didn't know what a Hyundai was, apparently, and seemed less than enthused about announcing the person's license plate. Oh well.

So, a long story short, a small hole opened, enough to get my car through (one benefit of a small car), I shot out, and I never got to see who owned the Hyundai.

I also decided to do a brief workout before work yesterday, and did W3D2 of the sit-ups program. It wasn't as bad as W3D1.. can't explain that one, as it was definitely more sit-ups. Must be that I'm getting ripped. hah

Alright all.. take care, keep on rockin'.

Edit/Update: BTW, a few people asked.. no I didn't seek out New Balance of Harrisburg, they found me. How awesome is that?


Denise said...

People are idiots. I hate when people make up illegal parking spots at my gym so they can park closer. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of why we go to the gym?

Cindy said...

aww, the sloth is so cute--except for his claws. yikes.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Of course, the other big question is - what was the truck doing?

Good job getting your run in.

RunToFinish said...

seriously people can be so dumb!

cyberpenguin said...

Good job on the situps & great to see that you are adding FARTleks (please pardon my French - hahaha!) to your workout.

So how long did you have to wait before you got your car out? Did you see the numbskull who parked you in? They should probably either take away his/her keys & ban this person from the parking lot. Come to think of it, they should probably do both. Hahahaha.

Loved the throttle speed illustrations. Hilarious! I feel sometimes feel like #1, of the three-toed variety. ;-) Not that having an extra few toes would help make me go any faster. LOL!

But seriously, if you keep doing fartleks in combination with tempo runs, hills, etc., & varying your distances, you are sure to improve!

Shannon said...

1st- I loved your "visual aids" explaining the parking snafu

2nd- Great Job on the workout-staying on schedule is always a plus

3rd-A running store "seeking you out" is very cool!