Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I ran outside

I've been a wuss this winter. Feel free to use a stronger word if you want. I just haven't run outside. I have been dutifully going to the gym, running around and around the track, in it's 1/15th of a mile goodnees.

Monday's workout was a hill workout, and I saw no way to get past it. I had to go outside. I thought about going on the treadmill and cranking the incline, but that would only get me the uphills, not to mention the odd momentum differences.

So, thanks to this blog and yesterday's post, I knew I would have to put up some pictures, and I didn't want to disappoint.

First off, the temperature:

It's cold. Not that bad, though. I have run in worse. (Last year).

So, I better put on some cold weather gear:

Oh, and don't forget a hat and gloves:

That's my hoof right there. I was in a rush and didn't properly frame the picture. :)

Off I went....

I ran a little over a mile to a hill nearby:

And I ran up this hill. 4 times.

One of the times, I took a break and took a picture from the top:

That being done, I ran back home, dodging all of the ice patches.

This is what the elevation chart looked like:

So, how did it go? Well, the run was 3.76 miles long. The hill interval portion was .15 miless.
My splits on the hill were like this:
#1 - 7:20/mile
#2 - 7:50/mile
#3 - 8:09/mile
#4 - 8:43/mile

That, my friends, is a terrific example of positive splits. Oh? We're not aiming for that? Sigh.

Yeah, as you can see, as the time went on, my speed went down. (But I was really motoring on the first one). Not so coincidentally, as the time went on, the worse I felt too. :)

All in all, a successful run. However, I do need to learn how to pace myself better.

Keep on rockin'!


Lacey Nicole said...

wow that was a great idea to take a pic of the hill from the top! way to get out there, it must've felt good to get it done.

tfh said...

That's kind of pretty, although you have too much snow for my taste. Great job getting out there and nice speed, positive splits aside!

Cindy said...

nice job on the hill repeats :)

aron said...

very nice job on those hill repeats and in the snow!!

Lily on the Road said...

That is one honking hill! Good for you.

Shannon said...

Rockin' you did my good man!

BTW, cute piggies....

X-Country2 said...

Way to get out there and run! Hill workouts are no joke.

Marcy said...

I don't blame you for being a wuss. I've been the same way :P This winter had been brutal.