Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back at it..

Well, the first day back from being a man of leisure wasn't terrible. Not saying it was the greatest thing, but I'm back into the swing of things, more or less.

I started out by playing the 'Office Space' soundtrack. Always a good way to get to work. The rendition of 'Take this job and shove it' (Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee by G. Williams) is hilarious.

I was pleased to see that what was originally going to be a pace of about 800 emails to come back to slowed down to just a few hundred. I skimmed them while on vacay, just to keep my finger on the pulse of what was happening (not much, apparently. Slackers!)

Made it through the e-mails, answered some questions, and got caught up with people. After that, there was no sense in getting too bogged down the first day, so I bagged it after about 8 hours and headed on out. Not too shabby.

I put in 3 miles on the indoor track at the gym after work. Pretty uneventful, but my legs didn't like it. I wonder what the floor surface is underneath the track. Part of me thinks it's concrete. I'm thinking of maybe doing my 5 tonight on the treadmill.. or at least half on the treadmill.

After my run, I tried the initial test of the 200 sit-up program, and wound up with 50. That puts me in the I-get-to-skip-2-weeks program and jump to week 3. Woot!

I also realized that I'm really on week 2 of my marathon training plan, not week 1 like I previously said. The first week was like the prep weeks I did, so it just blended right in.

Alright.. I should get to it. Take care, and keep on rockin'!


Chad Sayban said...

Good luck with the marathon training plan. I'm sure you will be just fine as long as you listen to your body and rest when you feel you need to.

Less drinking is a good goal too.

Shoe Running said...

Sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping up the training through the winter months :)

Good luck with the situps and the marathon!

Shannon said...

Glad you back in the swing of things.....