Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another fartlek

Monday night I did another fartlek.. 4 miles. I basically tried to run hard on laps 6&7, and 14&15 each mile. To make it more interesting, I busted out a new pair of shoes, a set of New Balance 859s. Not that there's anything wrong with my current shoes, they only have 120 miles on them or so.

Those shoes are by far the lightest I've run in ever. I was like a gazelle! Err.. well, no. But, I felt fast, at least.

Next week starts some hill workouts instead of a fartlek. I really really hope it warms up, and in a hurry. I really wussed out this winter, and I haven't run outside in the cold. I think I found a 3 mile route which gives me 5 hills to run. Not really sure how long a hill workout should be, apart from the requisite number of hills. Oh well.

Last night was a 3 miler, and I'm glad, because that's about all I could have done. Hah. Tonight is a 4, and I'm already thinking of switching it to 2 or 3, along with some biking.

Had a decent day yesterday.. Someone at work found a TV and an antenna and we watched the inauguration that way. (Glad the DTV transition hasn't occurred yet). That was my one real goal that day.. watching the speech and all. All of the web feeds I could think to go to were bogged down.

I threw my initial measurement into the sexy six pack ring. 80 sit-ups in a row. I start week 4 of the 200 sit-up challenge tonight.

I took a new pushup test and did 50 in a row. I start week 3 of the 100 pushup challenge tomorrow. I'm up 10 from a couple of weeks ago, so I must be making progress.

That's about it.. nothing too exciting, but that's how I usually roll. Keep on rockin'!


Andrew said...

Are these the sponsored shoes? You should paint the store's name on them or something. :)

raulgonemobile said...

Not yet.. I haven't picked those out..

I was informed the pair I was thinking about was a bit too "blingy".

The second choice was a bit too "retro".

The third choice was "club foot"

So, I need to work on my fashion sense, instead of what would do my feet and legs some good. :)