Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend

Welp, I found out that my brother in law does indeed read my blog, at least on a semi-regularly basis.. So, the family readership creep has started. :) (Just kidding!).. So, "Hi!"

Wednesday was a God-awful day of running. I knew it would be before I even took a first stride.. Stuff was just achy. It wasn't even like TFH's 16 miles that didn't go smoothly. I was running a measly 4. Oh well. It was just a bad day, and we're all bound to have those now and again.

I got through it by just imagining it was the tail 25.2 miles of a marathon, and told myself to enjoy the experience. Hah

Tonight is a short 3 miles, and tomorrow is my first double digit run of the new year. Supposed to put in 10. We're going on a short road trip up to Syracuse tomorrow in the early afternoon, so I'll have to haul my ass out of bed in the morning to make sure I can get it in.

W4D1 of the sit-up challenge was good. Harder than week 3, but do-able. Similar with W3D1 of the push up challenge. So far, I'm rockin' them.

Tonight is week one of the new season of dice baseball, so I get to see how my draft picks do. Should be good..

I've got a summary post coming up of some new (to me) beers that I tried and some scotch as well. (Hey, when I said I was cutting back on the alcohol, I didn't say I was giving it up..) Look for that in a few hours.

I think I'll be un-disclosing my currently disclosed item next week.... (That's my lame attempt at keeping the current readership interested :) )

And, as always.. keep on rockin'!


Lacey Nicole said...

yes! keep on rockin', love it :) we are all bound to have bad runs,... the best part of these is that you did it anyway!!!! :) have a GREAT weekend.

Cindy said...

oooh the cliffhanger! and even with the fam reading along ;-)

Shannon said...

I'm waiting.....(((((tapping slippers on floor)))))