Friday, January 16, 2009

Some snazzy title goes here

Well, my last post seemed to be a hit (as much of a hit as my posts could be). The fact that it had pictures and homemade drawings in it seemed to be well-received. (My name is Raul, I like to do drawrings..)
I'll have to do that more often.

Oh, and two questions which were asked a lot..
1) I never did find out who blocked us in. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a hole to open that I could squeeze through. A couple of ladies with SUVs wanted me to go back in and just start giving license plates of cars near them so they could get out. Uhm, no. They're parked legitimately.
2) The truck being there isn't that odd, believe it or not. There's a hotel right near by, as well as a restaurant. The parking lot is a logistical mess, so it's not too uncommon to see something like that. I'm letting the truck slide.

So, moving on, unfortunately, I don't have much to offer up today. Sigh. Nor the last few days. Hah

I was running Tuesday, scheduled for 5. I overheard a guy I see at the gym which runs laps like I do talking about a marathon with another guy. In an un-raul-like move, I started talking with him once the other guy left. Turns out he's training for his first marathon, but in about a year. He wants to run Las Vegas or Disney. He wants to do it when he turns 60, as well. Not before he's 60, which kind of surprised me, but hey, why not?

So, that was kind of cool. Of course, I settled into a groove running around the track with him, and I wound up putting in 6.3 miles instead of the 5. I know you're not supposed to do that kind of thing on a training plan, but it was only 1.3 miles..

The next day I did my required 3, and was glad that Thursday was a rest day.

Week 3, Day 3 of the 200 sit-up challenge was a success. Week 2, Day 2 of the 100 pushup challege also was a success.

Tonight is a 3 miler, along with the return of dice baseball. Tonight is draft night, which means I get to pick my team that will handle the rolls of the dice with grace, dignity, and hopefully success.

Tomorrow... well, I hope to pick out my free kicks, and I have an 8 miler on schedule. I'd love to run outside, but right now it's a balmy 3 degrees, and it doesn't look good for warming up by 30 degrees for tomorrow. I'm a wuss, so I'll be doing 120 laps.

Anything else going on? Hrms. I need to paint a room, so I may finish cleaning it out and starting the prep work tomorrow. We'll see. Not exactly a lot of fun, so I'll be dragging this one out, I suspect.

Oh, yes.. I did severely cut back on the alcohol intake, starting in December. It pains me. Especially being back at work. But, I have legitimately lost 5 or 6 pounds since then. The increase in exercise, along in the decrease in calories seems to have done the trick. Not that I'm trying to lose weight, it's just an interesting tidbit.

I think I'm actually signed up as part of the Sexy Six Pack challenge. Should be a challenge, given that:
1) I'm not sexy
2) I don't have a six pack

But, I'm doing the 200 sit-up plan, so we'll see where I'm at. I guess my offer of measuring the number of situps I can do in a row was deemed 'OK'.

OK. You all have things to do, I'll wrap this up. Enjoy the weekend, and keep on rockin'.


Lacey Nicole said...

HOORAY you're doing the ab-challenge!!! which one will you do? and what marathon are you going to be running? that's awesome you have an indoor track and you had someone to run with.

tfh said...

Maybe somebody's six-pack challenge should just have been giving up alcohol? Very cool on the weight loss, and also on being un-Raul-like and striking up a conversation with another runner!

Cindy said...

your sexy 6pack comments are too funny. :D
running with someone else definitely makes the time go by more quickly, doesn't it?

Denise said...

Congrats on the weight loss, the booze can really pack on the pounds.

And nice to know you think farting and burping are funny, too.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Training plan or not, if you can run an extra mile without noticing it, you must have been feeling pretty just go with it.

Have a great weekend and good luck with the six-pack challenge.

RunToFinish said...

Oh the ab challenge, let us pray we all get some really great abs out of it.

I love talking with people who are going for their first marathon it gets me all fired up

X-Country2 said...

5-6 pounds? I hate boys. :o)

FYI, all posts with homemade drawings are bounds to be hits. People dig stick figures apparently.

Shannon said...

Happy Weekend bro....

I had a couple of glasses of wine last night for you.

Shoe Running said...

Wow! 5-6 pounds just from quitting alcohol? That's impressive! Good luck with the ab & pushup challenges.

I was in the gym yesterday and thought I'd see how many (girly) pushups I could do...27! Maybe I should do the 100 challenge too :)