Friday, October 24, 2008

Cleaning out my phone pix

I've had a bunch of pictures on my phone that I didn't post directly here, mainly due to wanting to add weblinks and such. I think this is the last of them.

While out and about, we stopped at Moe's to eat. While there, I saw this:

It's a Negra Modelo dark beer. Never had one. Hmm.. Why not? For the research, of course!

It's OK. Something different, but not terribly exciting. It started out OK, and midway through my nachos (pictured), the taste sort of soured. The taste came back near the end of the meal, but.. eh. Reminded me of a Michelob Dark I had 14-15 years ago at Busch Gardens. Alas, that was quite a while ago, so I'm going on vague recollections there. Very vague.

It's a darker beer, not a lot of carbonation. But, not very potent/strong like dark beers often are. Had a bit of a sweet taste to it, even.

Something different, probably won't bother with it again, though.

Speaking of beer, I'm hoping to head up to Cooperstown and hit one or two breweries up there, in addition to the baseball Hall Of Fame. A similar trip to what Viper just went on, I believe.

I was giving some thought to cutting back on the whole alcohol consumption thing. Not quitting, because that just wouldn't work. Not at all. But, come December, I've got a good long sabbatical amount of time off of work. I figure, with that stress out of life for a bit, it may be a good opportunity to ease up. Factor in the extra time that I'll have to be exercising, maybe I can wean down some.

Honestly, if I stopped drinking, I'd lose mad weight. Not that I need to lose a lot, but it's my thing which puts it on.. Not the dessert. Not the fried foods. I keep all of that in balance. Just the booze. Sigh.

Jury is out. We'll see.


All Mixed-Up Media said...

My phone is a disaster. I could not use it at BINGO night! We had important pics to take of our special shirts and then it was full!

Andrew said...

I don't think you're into Kevin Rose at all but he said that by quitting drinking he lost like 30 pounds. He's a bit like you - tall and not very heavy - but he put on a bit of weight doing his show "Diggnation" where they drink like fish.

Anyway, just a parable.

Also, I want a sabbatical.

raulgonemobile said...

Yeah, I never picked up 'Diggnation', just because I just didn't need something else to fall behind on..

Some of these beers are like 270 calories a pop... If I knock off drinking 2 a day, that's a pound a week..

Dunno.. We'll see.