Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love coffee. Lots of it. It was really an issue for me in high school. I was mere steps away from hooking up an IV filled with coffee.

So, one of my brother in laws mentioned a new coffee to me. I hemmed and hawed, and he actually was kind enough to send us a pound of it.

Previously, we'd been drinking Tim Hortons as our everyday morning coffee. Very nice grind, very good flavor, decent price. (As an aside, the Tim's stores absolutely rock. Too bad we don't have one closer than an hour away...) I can say nothing bad about this coffee.

But, what was recommended was Peet's Coffee. I received a bag of Major Dickason's Blend (roasted on 9/10/08). This was billed by my BIL as Starbucks without the acidity.

He was spot on. Props to him. I kept the coffee in the freezer until we finished up some loose coffees and the remainder of our Tim's coffee.

A very strong flavor, but it didn't bite like Starbucks often does. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the Starbucks coffee. Some of their more 'out there' blends are good, but the run of the mill stuff is just 'ok'. Making it strong just because you can isn't really necessary. It's about balance and flavor. But, I digress.

Good flavor, a reasonable grind. Not ultra fine, but far better than you're going to do at home with a $15 coffee grinder. The taste was strong, but smooth. Very very enjoyable.

Anyways, the Peet's stuff rocks. Anyone from Peet's, I'm willing to sample whatever you want to send.

Keep on rockin', just like Peet's.

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