Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bathroom is finally done

Yeah, so a long time ago, I started a bathroom redo. Nothing major, just a facelift.

This past weekend, I finally finished. Finally.

As you can see, the walls are nice and green. We went for something bold, just because we can.

The last thing I did was put in a new sink & drain. Of course, that's always a fun time. Plumbing. Such fun. As one would expect, the shutoff valves didn't quite work completely. And, I started the project about 45 minutes before we were to leave the house.

(Why make it easy?)

I wound up getting it half done, threw a new supply line on from the shutoff valve up to the faucet, and we went out.

Yeah, well.. The line wasn't on tight. Came home 7 hours later to find a nice pool of water on the floor. Oops. Shouldn't do these things in a rush.

Interesting story about that night. My brother and law and I went out to this little bar we'd never been to before. Nice little place, friendly bartender. While there, we made friends with some guy who said "money is no object" half a dozen times. No joke. And he put his money where his mouth was. He wound up buying us a bunch of drinks. We walked out of the bar having had 6 beers or so with only a $10 tab. Not bad.

As one could extrapolate, since I started the night there, the boozing continued for a few hours.

So, yes. I came home that night, having a good number under my belt, to find the aforementioned pool of water.

Maybe that actually helped, but I don't remember minding it too much. Did the cleanup, did the tightening and fixing and some more hooking up, and went to bed.

Lo and behold, Sunday morning, no water. Awesome.

But yeah, bathroom is done. New light, mirror, faucet, paint, caulk, towel bars, etc etc.

Only thing I cheated on was that one of the toilet bolts was rusted up, and I couldn't tighten the nut up. I really really didn't feel like cutting the bolt, removing the toilet, doing the new wax ring, etc. etc, so I just put a little shim in under the washer and called it a day. I did tighten the other side, if that counts for anything..

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