Friday, October 31, 2008

And now for something completely different

Last night, I went to the gym. And......

I went swimming.

I wound up doing laps like this:

  • A lap of crawl swimming, which literally crawled along
  • A lap of breaststroke
  • A lap of elementary backstroke
  • A lap of sidestroke, half lap on each side.

And repeat.

All in all, 16 laps. I got a terrible cramp in my calf on lap 13, so I stretched it out, finished up my course of 4 and got out. It's still slightly cramped this morning. My recently broken elbow was starting to feel it too, so it was good to call it quits.

Looking at the length of the pool, it's 25yards, so that's just short of a half mile @ 800 yards.

Not terrible for not having swam in a couple of years.

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