Friday, October 10, 2008

Still got nothin' doin'

Just a relatively quiet day yesterday. (As quiet as days get, at least)

My previously mentioned foot issues are healing, albeit slowly. My right foot actually feels pretty good.. It's probably at 95% goodness. My left is sitting around 75%. I want to try to do some sort of exercise on Saturday, just to minimize my downtime. Maybe a flat easy run or some time on the elliptical. My left calf certainly feels tight, but that helps me believe that this is a temporary condition.

But, yes, I'm resigned to not doing a half marathon this year. The one I'd want to do is in 3 weeks, and I just haven't done enough prep for it. My ITBS issues earlier this year set me back (not that I'm sure I'm over them), and I just haven't put in the long runs.

I've got a better base in this year, and I hope I can maintain that over the winter by going to the gym. We'll see what happens next year for races. Maybe I'll be able to build up to a marathon in the spring.

There are some local 5k races in a couple of weeks, so maybe I'll hit one of those.

Tonight is dice baseball night. I'm hosting. For better or for worse, I'm not making any food. Just didn't feel up to it. Ordering a pizza, got some chips, calling it a day. And, at least the hosting part of this gig will be done and out of the way.

I do need to leave work early to go clean up the joint, though. Yeah, I got here late too. Have to figure that one out, yet.

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