Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's getting cold

Went for a run yesterday, and it was cold. I put on my long sleeve running shirt and left the sleeves down, even. Yuck. I may have to visit the gym and look into a membership. I used to go to the Y nearby my place, but it was really expensive. The gym is reportedly cheaper.. hrms.

I just worry about having another membership I'll use for a while and then stop. (Of course, with my Y one, I used it faithfully for a year, and after re-upping, stopped using it. Super.)

But yeah, it was damn cold. I'm just used to the nice weather, I suppose. So, in order to stay warm, I went fast. At least, that was my goal. I banged out a 5K. The first mile was a 7:40 pace, not too shabby. I decided to back it down for the second mile, yielding ~9:40 pace. For the last mile, I said "let's turn it on" (the "'s" being me talking to my body, as no one else was around. Perhaps I should look at that issue of me talking to myself at some point).

Well, not much left to turn on, it turns out. I netted about a 9:00 pace. It was partly uphill, and I'll stick to that being my story.

Other than that, nothing doing. I didn't get to my RSS reader until this afternoon, so I'm just way far behind. Way way far. I'm over-subscribed, too. Between the e-mail, twitter, the news.. how does one stay on top of this stuff?

I did figure out what was wrong with my phone and listening to music. The headphones have to use this adapter to get down to the ultra-mini-headphone-jack size.. That adapter wire wound up being the bad part.. Too bad.. It's not terribly convenient, either, since the damn thing bounces around while running. I need to find a solution if I'm going to become a hamster at the gym...

Keep on rockin'. I will, especially if I can figure out a music listening thing..


Andrew said...

Okay, so.. the gym is cheaper than the Y? Weird. The Y is way cheaper down here.

I have one of those memberships at the Y. Of course, I moved away, so I couldn't really use it anymore. They're building another Y near my house so maybe I'll start going there.

Also, there was a rumor that I was going to get a treadmill at my house. Apparently that rumor was unfounded.

I know you were joking but talking to yourself is perfectly natural. Part of psychology - development of language goes from verbally talking to yourself to moving your lips to completely internal self-talk. Very cool stuff to watch.

Nobody does stay on top of stuff, dude... It's the firehose theory. Gotta just take sips. I have something like 3000 unread email, at least that many unread RSS feed items and I gave up on twitter - it's in my RSS but.. meh.

raulgonemobile said...

Turns out the rumor was slightly wrong. But, the gym is only like $40 bucks more expensive a year than the Y. And, it's a whole lot nicer.

Yeah, I'm starting to unsubscribe from stuff. Take away my geek license, I abandoned slashdot. *shrug*