Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yeah, I've got nothin' doin'

No running.. still working on getting my feet and calves in order. My calf cranked up really good at lunchtime, so I don't even think I'm hitting the elliptical tonight. Blah, whatever.

So, what to discuss? Random thoughts.

There's an old industrial building near work being torn down. It's kind of cool to watch. There are these hydraulic snippers which can just cut an I-beam in half on a whim. That's pretty spectacular to see.

Dice baseball last Friday was another session of 2-3. Fricken Warren Spahn just isn't getting it done for me. We'll see if it turns around this Friday. I get to host the league this Friday, too.

On Saturday, I abandoned my barber. We bought some hair clippers by Wahl with a variety of attachments, and my wife went to town on my hair. I don't have too much any more, and I like it short, so this works out pretty well. She did a bang up job, and I'm going to keep her. She's much more attractive than Tony, anyways.

I really should get to work, so my upcoming coffee and beer reviews will have to wait.. (Yeah, you weren't expecting the coffee one, now were ya? Eh?)

Keep on rockin'...

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