Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coffee Makers

Speaking of coffee..

We just got a new coffee maker. The old one crapped out after 10 years. I figure that we got our money's worth out of it. 1-4 pots a day for 10 years.. yeah.

The breakdown was quite odd. The power cord wound up melting while plugged into the wall. I suspect that there were too many broken wires overall in the electrical cord, and it eventually overheated, trying to throw the current through the intact paths.

It was sad.. an old friend that was just the way I liked.

So, yes. We got a new one. Wound up with the same brand. We got this pot (Mr. Coffee) from Target.

Absolutely nothing like the old one. I truthfully hate the damn thing.

Where to start? Well, when I went to plug it in, leaving the pot in the same place as the old one, I discovered the extension cord is probably a foot long. That's nice, I can't hang myself with it. It's not very functional though. So, we have to angle it underneath a cupboard to get to the outlet.

Of course, when it's angled, you can't open up the ultra large stupid looking top to fill it or put in the grounds.

So, as you curse the stupid thing and unplug it, you move it to the side and open it up. Of course, opening it up causes all sorts of condensation to drip off the top.

A 'feature' of this coffee pot is listed as follows: "Brewing Pause 'n Serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing."

Yeah. My old one had that. It worked really well. There was a lever in the back. With the pot in the machine, the lever was opened, coffee dripped in. Remove the pot, lever closes, no drippage.

This one has this spring-tension knob right above the pot. You pull the pot out, you're getting drippage. Pop-pop sizzle-sizzle right onto the warming element. Consistently. Even after the coffee is done.

Speaking of, I really liked my old one which would beep when the coffee was done. But, that's minor. I can live without it.

So yeah, I'm not a fan of it. Maybe this one will die quicker than 10 years.
I miss my old coffee pot.

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