Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So much for a rest day

My running buddy sent me a txt yesterday asking if I wanted to run.. I had previously said I was taking the day off, but hey.. Why not?

Besides, I think the last time we exercised together was my great bike accident, so it was good to spend some time with her.

We wound up doing 2.75 miles in a decent rain. It wasn't raining when we started, but at about the furthest distance from the start/end point, the sky opened up. Figures. It wasn't too bad, though. I do like running in the rain. Wore my 'fall' running gear (track pants and a long sleeve running shirt) for the first time this year. My only problem with my fall gear is that I only have one set. So, it's either run sketchy/skeevy or wash laundry every day.

I think the run was 26-27 minutes.. something like that. A monster hill to start (downhill), ending on a glorious monster uphill. Not too bad. Today's a rest day, though. For real.

After the run, what else to do? Try a new libation, of course!

What we've got here is Bunnahabhain 12 year single islay malt. My local scotch go-to guy recommended it in my initial inquiry to him, and I've finally got around to trying it. He indicated it was one of the best values for the dollar around. I must say that I agree. The bottle was about $40.

Inside the bottle was the scotch itself, a little informational booklet, and a registration card to become a friend of the distillery.

The scotch itself had a subtle smoky smell and taste to it. The liquor did not have as velvety of a feel as the Oban scotch did, but it was smooth. I tried it both neat, and opened up with a bit of water. A nice, sophisticated taste, both ways. I think I preferred it neat, but opened up had a few more scents to it.

I do like the smoky/peaty scotch, as Islay malts often are. This one isn't as strong, and may be a good introduction to the style.

I really did enjoy it, and went back for seconds at the end of the night.

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