Friday, November 14, 2008


Made it to Friday.. Big stuff today. Called in the big guns to finish up my plumbing work. I decided I wasn't going to replace the shutoff valves on my own, so I'll be paying someone for their services. *shrug*

Hit the gym last night.. I had wanted to do 8, but didn't make it there in time. Plus, the treadmill I was on wasn't as cushion-y as some of the others, and my leg (with the ITBS issues) was bothering me some. And, I ran out of beverage at mile 5. All of the factors together added up, and I abandoned the plan.
So, I did 5 there, and 1 on the track. 6 miles, not too bad.

I'm going to take today off, and try again tomorrow for the 8.

Tonight is dice baseball.. playoff version. Last week I officially made it into the playoffs, but barely. I really backed into it, going 1 and 5 (against the bottom 2 teams). But, it was enough to get me in.

First series is against my friend that brought me into the league... heh.

Alright everyone.. keep on rockin'!

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tfh said...

Have fun with the dice, whatever that is, hehe...and hope the 8 miles tomorrow feel good!