Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday night and other goodies

I went to the gym Thursday night and did a treadmill workout. I wound up doing 5 miles on the hamster wheel. The first 4 were at 6mph. The last one was gradually increased up to 6.6mph.

After a couple of weeks of doing treadmill workouts, I do find that they are easier on my legs than the sidewalk, without a doubt. The other benefit of being in the gym is that I can use the hip abduction/adduction machine. I'm hoping that doing that will help with my ITBS issues.

The only downside with the gym is that it's sauna hot in there. My t-shirt was completely soaked all the way through. Disgusting, I know. Sorry for the imagery. I'd like to work up to doing long runs there, but man. Wow. I went through my water bottle in 5 miles. The gear needed for something like a 15 mile run.. Blah. I can't imagine. Well, I can. But, I dread it. Running back to the locker room for a new bottle every 4 miles. Or, I could keep a cooler by the treadmill. ;)

I also did some real pushups last night. I wound up doing 50 real pushups (in a row). First time I tried since I broke my elbow. I'm really happy I didn't revert all the way back to 0. I'll probably not jump right back onto the 100 pushups thing, but maybe in a month or so.

On an exciting note, I mailed off my last bill payment for my broken elbow this morning. I'm glad to have that all behind me. A hell of an expensive mistake, but what can you do?

Alright everyone.. keep on rockin'!

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