Friday, November 7, 2008

Favicons Downloader - 0.30

In case anyone cares, I created a new version of my Firefox plugin - Favicons Downloader. (Info on the old version is here.)

You can find it in the Experimental Sandbox or at SourceForge.

New exciting features are:
- Background downloading support
- Updates bookmark icons in the 'Bookmarks Toolbar', as well as the standard bookmarks menu

There's a few bug fixes and minor items.

It's a 'Use at your own risk' sort of piece of software.. :) Seems to work OK for me and for others, but it is just a side project.

I actually nominated it for public usage, but I was turned down because no external website had reviewed it. I guess I understand that, but it stinks. Chuckle.

Alright.. I'm out.

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