Thursday, July 24, 2008

Firefox Favicons Downloader

I finally got around to cleaning up and officially releasing a little project of mine. It's nothing too exciting, but it's a small contribution to the community.

This is a Firefox add-on which churns through your bookmarks, and goes and fetches the icons for the various bookmarks which are missing icons.

The addon can be found at

I have made a 'sandbox' entry over at for this plugin. After it floats around a while, I'll nominate it for a review for public release on the addons site.

One may ask, 'why?'.

I use an extension called Foxylicious, which goes and downloads your bookmarks from When this happens, the bookmarks all have the default bookmark icon.

After downloading, you can run this extension, and presto! Your icons are all there.

Comments are welcome, of course.

Of course, this is the initial public offering. I've used it myself, but that's the extent of the testing. It should work on Firefox versions 2.0.0.x and 3.0.x. Use at your own risk. :)

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