Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Tuesday, all

Hello, welcome to Tuesday!

I ran a little more than 5K last night. I'm thinking about finding a local race and giving that a go at some point this year. I doubt I'll be doing a marathon this year, as my longest run this year has been about 7 miles. I read a good quote/piece of advice about the marathon recently. It was (and I paraphrase) that your body will let you know when you're ready.

My body has clearly indicated it is not ready.

In other news, I'll be attending meetings all day today. I live for attending meetings. Something like that.

Tonight is Tuesday. At the ballpark, it's 2 for Tuesday, one of my favorite nights. Also, it's Mardi Gras night..... hmm..

It's also game 6 of the NBA finals tonight, back in Beantown.

Not sure about the weather, either.. 30% chance of rain right now for 7pm. Game 6 starts at 9, pregame at 8:30. Could do the time shifting thing and hit both.. (and get to bed at 1am). Decisions, decisions.

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