Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend workouts

So, Friday my wife and I went to the bike store and bought her a new bike. Nice new mountain bike with hybrid tires. Got her a brain bucket and a car rack for our bikes.

Got a picture of it on her phone.. I'll have to upload it.

Saturday we went out and biked in the local neighborhood. We went out and did 2.5 miles together.. She called it a day because her butt hurt, which I can understand.. Not used to biking and all (not that I am). I went and did a couple of hill intervals for another .5, putting me at 3 for the day.
Afterwards, I was surprised she wasn't home yet, so I grabbed my water bottle and jogged to where I had left her. It was a bit of an eye opener, going running immediately after biking. My distant dreams of a triathlon are a bit farther off than I had realized. Wow. Props to all of you tri-folks.

Sunday we were going to go biking, but we kept getting delayed and delayed.. Got to be about 5:30 and my wife said for me to just go. I got all suited up, and it started raining. Dejected, I came inside.

I debated for about 30 seconds and decided I'd go for a run. My wife fully supported that venture, because apparently I'd been a bit cranky all day. She said I'd 'feel better' (read: I'd be out of her hair). She even saw me looking dejected about not using my water bottle, and suggested I use the CamelBak.

Great idea! So, I strapped that on and headed out into the muggy & rainy weather. I decided to go running in a neighborhood I'd never run in before.. That was kind of fun. This area has recently been redone to allow for a highway to be re-routed/engineered/etc. At one point, I started running along a sidewalk, and it looped to someone's front door. Oops. Turn around!

Along the way, I saw this sidewalk which cut under an overpass which I'd never seen before from the car... I opted to take it on the way back. It cut over to the area near one of my old apartments, so I decided to run by it for old time's sake. Still the same. Hehe.
I continued on down the street and was speculating how long the run would be. My guess was 6 miles.

I got to about a half mile from my house and my knee started aching, around the IT band area. Man oh man.. I stretched it out and jogged home, but later that night it was twinging when I'd walk up stairs.

Seems OK today, but I don't want to re-aggravate it. I'll have to do more stretching.

So, this past week, I exercised 5 days. 3 running, 2 biking. Not bad. Hopefully I'll put in another 5 days this week. My running buddy is supposed to be back and around most of the week, so I'm hoping for a good solid week of running. With the 3 day weekend, I'm hoping to get some exercise in over the weekend too.

That's all for now...

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