Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My beloved Celtics dropped the first game in L.A. last night. They were close, it could have been theirs, for sure.

I'm hoping they view game 4 as a 'must win'.. (That's so cliche, I know). If they snag game 4, they would be up 3-1, and in super position. I'm hoping the series doesn't get evened out at 2-2.

If Pierce shows up (did someone forget to get him a plane ticket to LA?) and they start driving the ball in the paint more, I think good things will happen.

BTW, memo to David Stern: These late games are ridiculous. I understand on the week day, to some degree. The whole east coast/west coast thing, yeah yeah. Must they start at 9, though? Couldn't they start at 8 or 8:30? The weekend games, start them at 6. That line you gave about the ratings being higher after 11pm.. C'mon. For the west coast, maybe. What about those of us on the east coast? What about kids? Think of the children!! How can they get involved in the game if it starts after they go to bed? I think at least a couple of the games should have earlier start times.

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