Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wet shoes

Went for a run last night, before the thunderstorms came. My running buddy and I decided to go on a loop which cuts through a culvert under a well-traveled road, across a flood wall, down past a pond, and through a local park (and then back along the road). We've taken this loop in the past.
We tried going on this loop a few months ago, but after the winter thaw, things were just too wet.

You can already see where this is going.

Made it down to the pond, no issues.. we then had to cross a stream. (meanwhile, we're running through 2-3 high brush, making verbal notes about checking ourselves for ticks). Well, my buddy had been referring to things today as 'poopsicles', things that were just not good, fun, and generally stunk.

Got to the stream, no obvious path across. OK. We'll run down a bit further to cross. Nope.

I got to a ledge halfway across and volunteered to run upstream to look for a path. Nothing. Except that I got a few toes wet in that process. Doesn't bode well. I run back, got the other foot soaked. Nice.

So, we decided to just go for it. Well, the other foot became soaked. Sigh.

We finished the remaining half of the run in wet feet. 3 miles on the nose. 1 mile dry, 2 miles squishy.

Oh well.. Shoes are open, insoles are out, we'll let them dry off. Just kind of bummed, since these shoes only had 75 miles on them or so.

On a positive note, no ticks! Woot!

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